Liverpool and Laguna Thai by the Sea

Once all the Christmas traditions have run their course, we go back to our favorites and Laguna Thai by the Sea is one of them.  The space is no bigger than a closet, but they jam so much passion and flavor into it.  I think of it like a really spicy chili pepper – small but intense.  We usually opt for take away.  We walk up to the register and order our favorites – which most often include some yummy curry dish – and either a beer or glass of wine.  We tuck in the small corner of the entry way and watch the comings and goings of South Laguna.  Recently I have become aware of something else of equal intensity – the rivalry between my friends SW and PD over Tottenham and Liverpool.  PD is notorious for an unmatched team loyalty which of late has resulted in him having to wear his rival team’s jersey.  This is very good for a laugh from all around him.  On this particular trip to Laguna Thai by the sea I took a look around and what to my wandering eye did appear but a Liverpool poster!  I giggled out loud and explained why to CF – and he giggled too.  So, this one goes out to PD and SW…..



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