Great Loves

It’s pretty cool when your better half knows exactly how to surprise and thrill you with something so completely off the radar that you would never expect it.  Such was my Christmas present this year.

I love all my cameras.  Each of them has a special place in my heart and a special talent.  I rarely carry all my equipment instead choosing for an outing much like you would an outfit for a date.  I never know exactly what to expect and prefer the serendipity of my camera and lens choice to drive the outcome.  It makes for a bigger adventure.  And sure, there are times I miss something – but on balance I more frequently walk away instead feeling creative and in the moment.

My Nikon is my go to camera.  It is dependable, reliable, the first serious camera I owned, takes beautiful photographs, and is like spending time in the company of a really good friend – A BFF of sorts that you know will always be a part of your life in some form (model) or other.

My Olympus EPL 1 was my first and has all the warm entanglements associated with a first love.  At the time it was more than I could handle, completely alien to me, a bit awkward and slow, was given to me by CF to document my trip to France with my Mom.  It conjures sentimental feelings every time I take it out for a spin (most often now with the Lensbaby Lens) kinda like running into your high school boyfriend at the mall.

The Fuji x100 S is a workhorse of a camera and will do pretty much anything I ask it to.  With both an optical and digital viewfinder – a fixed lens and a macro option – AND a lightness and portability that I value. I choose it as my travel and everyday version preferring a camera to my phone (although the camera on the Iphone 5s is pretty unbelievable and is my choice ALWAYS for panoramas).   The Fuji is a remarkable camera for the price and one that – if it were to fall into a crevice – my first instinct would not be to dive in after it.  I have been really happy shooting with it and throw it in my bag pretty much every time I leave the house.

And then came… the Leica.  Wow.

You know when you have a really serious crush on someone and you think they are completely unattainable.  Well, that is how I first felt about CF and later came to feel about any Leica (BTW – CF is definitely the love of my life, and he is all good with the occasional crush such as I have on Benedict Cumberbatch – but that is a story for another time).   There was something in me that felt unworthy of a Leica.  As though my skills had to be really honed to be worthy of this lifetime investment.  It is a treasure to be valued and loved – like CF – forever.  And its beauty, both inside and out is also a bit like CF.  He has been my biggest fan and the most encouraging along my photographic journey – and I am pretty blessed with support.

So what does all this mean?  Do I throw over the others for the Leica?  Nah.  I don’t think so.  With few exceptions – I could run into any of my old boyfriends at the mall and remember how they helped me become who I am today.  After all, it is the mosaic of experiences that make us human.    That said, if the Leica falls into a crevice – I am definitely going in after it.


  1. What has surprised me is how solid and heavy it is. A bit more than my Nikon. That said, it takes a really beautiful photo and because it is all manual focus forces me to be very present and purposeful in the shot. I like that. Sometimes with my other cameras I can just shoot and grab a photo. This one I am truly working at craft. Yeah, it was a huge surprise and a dream come true. I will have and treasure it and the memory always.

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