Afternoon Nap

afternoon nap

One of my first photos with the new Leica. I am taking it slow and making sure that I understand all of its features but am loving the photos it takes.

So, one of the luxuries of vacations and Saturday afternoons are … naps. In my family we have a saying that “it is never to early to go to bed.” While in reality I live by that rule, I do love a good nap – especially in California where the setting sun strikes just the right amount of glow and with the ocean breezes I land in a dreamy state that is perfect. It was simply the best when Sophie would climb up on the bed and tuck in the space just behind my knees. She would curl up and start purring and to this day, when I listen to white noise on a plane to relax and fall asleep I listen to a cat purring.

I miss her everyday but most on a Saturday afternoon.

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