Flock of Seagulls

in flight

While in Laguna I got my hair cut by the uber Italian, ever stylish and always of the moment Donato who’s classic motto is “don’t mess with the vibe”. He is well worth waiting for and frankly is the best cutter I have ever seen. There is nothing like one of his haircuts – they last forever – and seeing him is a treat beyond measure in how great he makes you feel AND how great you look when he is done. I have been a loyalist for 14 years.  And so, as we went through the process of deciding what to do, we chatted and he made an offhand comment that next time we are going to go asymmetric.

The next day, CF and I headed to the beach and I caught this photo as resting seagulls were disturbed. And in the bizarre playback that goes on in my head I connected Donato’s visioning back to Flock of Seagulls and had a great giggle all to myself.

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