Vintage Salt and Pepper

I was interested in teaching myself how to bid on Ebay. I know, I am the last one on the planet to catch onto the big game that is bidding. I wanted something that I could play with that would not be too expensive and for which I would have a use after figuring it out. The lovely Tessa had done some bidding for me before Christmas on some salt and pepper shakers for my friend AMS. She has just a tiny obsession and has over 5000 sets all lining the wall in her living room. It is quite spectacular to see and so I settled on vintage s&p shakers. Lo and behold, there are millions of styles of these clever little sets and I had a grand time collecting a few to give to her in the coming months.
Much to my surprise, there are some rather risqué ones including the one pictured.

Who knew?

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