Smart Scavengers


For years I have witnessed unsuspecting families on holiday joyously make their way to the beach with grand plans for a family picnic only to see their best dreams dashed by the slickest of birds… the Seagull.

They hit the sand anxious to play and set up a spread that would rival Thanksgiving dinner – lathered to within an inch of their lives with a sunscreen insufficient for the brilliant baking sun of Southern California. And then they turn and run towards the pounding surf.

And that is when the Seagull steps in.

I sat in amazement as the pictured crafty gull stuck his beak into a small opening in the zippered lunch container to successfully pull out a pack of apples while his lookout stood watch. As I have on many occasions, I jumped to the rescue letting the gull make off with his apple bounty, while I zipped close all the remaining picnic containers for the unsuspecting family frolicking in the waves.

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