Make time


Years ago I had an “incident” that changed my “perspective” on everything. Recent events have made me acutely aware that there is never enough time. And we don’t always use the time we have to send the simplest of messages to the people that mean the most to us. And so it was that I found myself on a Sunday morning calling my Dad to recount a memory from years ago where he had inspired and encouraged me at a time when I needed unconditional love and belief.

Throughout my life there has been truckloads of inspiration and encouragement, love and belief. I am so lucky. But it begs the question of whether all those people know how much their support has meant to me. How it has shaped me.

As I considered this year – goals and resolutions – I committed myself to make sure they know it.

Time is fleeting and every day is a gift. I shouldn’t have to learn this lesson again, but in the complexities of life, the lesson is too easily forgotten. For me, it is like holding mercury. You can’t. But saying  the words makes it something you can grasp and keep.

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