Call them resolutions….


…or goals, but the passing of another year inspires all of us to think of the things we might like to change, do or make. So, Little a. and J. and Charlotte – this goes out to you…..

In 2010 I found myself at a crossroads. As life progresses and you figure out how to make a living at your passions, you can come to a juncture where you forget what you loved about them in the first place. This is one of the reasons that I love watching bands like U2 or the Rolling Stones. They have been rocking it for a very long time (Did anyone else love the movie Rolling Stones in Hyde Park?)….I am a big believer that you can have anything you want, but you can’t have it all. For me, 2010 was a time for reconnecting to my passions and for finding new ones.

Keeping Resolutions

The link above to an article from the NY Times certainly outlines how to keep your resolutions but I find it just important to go back and understand if you kept them and why….

At the turn of the year, I was doing some file management (being paperless and all) and came across my resolutions from 2010 – which, following the guidance from the NY times, I had written and filed away. It was an interesting convergence – as at precisely the same time, I crossed the 1000th post on the PJ Charles blog. Something 3 years ago I hadn’t even considered.

My resolutions were the result of wanting to structure my life to find greater personal balance and build more intimate relationships with my friends and family.

I vowed to use my home as a more satisfying foundation for those relationships. As a result we remodeled parts of our home in Laguna giving both Dallas and Laguna the facelift and attention they deserved.

I wanted to spend more time with people I enjoyed – the outcome of which was Project Mimi – a way for me to honor my amazing Grandmother, record family recipes, begin to understand photography and blogging and build those more intimate Dallas relationships I craved. Last year Mimi passed away, but before she did, she saw the site. It was a bit too painful for me last year to continue what I started, but this year I am recommitting if for no other reason than I miss her. What I loved about the project as well, is that my Grandmother affected my life up until the day she died. Such a gift.

I wanted more outside interests – and listed blogging, charitable work, participating in a more artistic community. Ironically it was trying to understand blogging that brought me to photography – that and the first camera CF bought me. Three years later, the passion for photography is as strong as any passion I have ever had. It not only taught me to blog, but has helped me understand my point of view beyond visual journalism. I am much more confident with technology which has had huge benefits for me in my work. And I have found greater balance as I make time to shoot and to learn. An interesting output of this is a developing belief that as we grow older, we forget how to learn and are more unwilling to put ourselves in that vulnerable position. I am certainly glad I did. Today, I am humbled by the people who like my work and have asked me to shoot, or teach them. It appears so easy to some – and yet, I know that this has been a three-year journey with a big investment to just get to this place. My aspirations are still for so much more, and I am humbled in seeing the work of my teacher and mentor and other notable photographers.
It has made me a more open person.

And last year I committed to Strive for College an amazing organization led by the inspiring Michael Carter.

I wanted to stop confusing relaxing with shutting down. I still have this issue…. pushing myself to do more and more in the time I have, until I just stop and can’t do any more. But I find on balance that I enjoy myself more, and have stopped taking things too seriously.

I enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get from standing back and saying “I made this”.. whether a picture, planting a garden, cooking a meal, or writing a post – and in a collaborative world, that sense of personal achievement has been important for me.

And lastly – to pay it forward by simply adding one-act of unacknowledged kindness a day. It’s my little savings bank of sorts and I find the more I give, the more I want to give.

In closing – I am a big believer in the power of goals – setting objectives for your life and measuring the distance travelled. It has been my approach to my life – not just 2010 – and I have seen and achieved things I never thought possible.


    • Thank you. It is a bit intimate for the Blog but thought for the targets – my niece and nephew, it was well worth noting. I appreciate your comments and encouragement.

  1. Love this! You inspire me, I have learned so much from your Blog. Keep up the good work. Thanks fir including Charlotte, it means so much to us. Susan is hooked on the blog too And my friend Shirley in Anderson SC thinks your are the berries. She said you are the best Photographer and Journalist the she knows, I agree. Love you girl and CF.

    XSent from my iPad

    • This makes me smile…. CF and I were chatting about connections in life and that they are too far between Your email means the world and we love you very much. Thank you ….

    • I do think you are my biggest fan. Thanks so much for the encouragement. And I need to include Charlotte more. Now SHE is the berries 🙂

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