Making a trip

I love to travel – see new things, have new experiences, and see my friends around the globe.  I enjoy time on the plane.  I dedicate it to answering correspondence, cleaning up files, catching up on both work, movies, and reading.  I especially love travel when there is limitless time, space to fill, and adventures to be relished.  Business travel is not that.  There are back to back meetings, business dinners, and a pressing need to accomplish the insurmountable in a brief amount of time.  For this particular trip – 1 week in length – I will spend  42 hours and 16 minutes on planes….  assuming they are on time, takeoff and land according to schedule.  This does not include the time to and from the airport, security, and retrieving my luggage.  Luggage is something I try very hard to avoid preferring to carry on whenever possible.  This trip I will be in temperatures ranging from the mid 30’s in Japan to the high 80’s in Singapore…  The challenge of extreme cold (I need to pack a coat) to extreme heat …  In the last two years, I have attempted to carve some portion from each trip for me.  This time it is a side trip to see my collaborator and friend SW and for that reason I consider 42 hours and 16 minutes on a plane a worthwhile investment.

My mentor Peter Poulides of the Spot Studio has encouraged me to visualize through my filter – Travel.  And so, on this trip, I will share more of what I see and experience as I make my way through Asia.

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