A woman who doesn’t wear Fragrance has no future.

Strolling through Daikanyama at the end of Saturday afternoon we followed some locals to the nearby train station – on the beaten path. I was looking around for something to inspire when I saw Lelabo. I wandered into the shop tucked back behind the main thoroughfare in a long storefront. Walking in you are struck by the lovely scent and the surroundings. From visiting the store in New York, I was aware that in each market where they have a location they make an exclusive signature fragrance so I asked to smell “Tokyo”. I was not disappointed. It is a lovely mix of 3 musks that smells divine. After choosing your fragrance it is handed over to the perfumer in the “lab” (hence the name) while you work on the signature emblems for the label that will adorn the bottle. It bears the name of the perfumer, the date and place of purchase. You stand at the glass and watch as he drops the essences into the bottle and mixed it with a precision and care that is inspiring. After which he packed the bottle into a lovely labeled cardboard box. As I walked through the store, my friend pointed out the manifesto of sorts… “a woman who doesn’t wear fragrance has no future” and I giggled. I returned to the hotel and unpacked the box to spray the delicious fragrance. I have used it each day since buying it and will be trying to figure out how to score another bottle soon.


  1. After reading your description, I feel like I am there. I can even smell the fragrance. You are Amazing and was given a real gift to write.

    XSent from my iPad

  2. Well I won’t argue with the “I’m amazing” part although I can line up some folks that may feel differently. All kidding aside, thank you for the encouragement.

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