The Hong Kong Flower market

The highlight of the morning walk is passing the flower market.  The orchids are not to be believed – stacked row upon row – inches deep.  The Lunar New Year (as it is accurately called is often called Chinese New Year) begins January 31.  The Lunar New Year is all about luck with superstitions and traditions.  The word for Tangerine sounds like the word luck and so the gift of Oranges and Tangerines reflects an abundance of happiness and prosperity.  The bright orange color is thought to look like gold – again prosperity and abundance.  These plants pepper the landscape and cast a lovely glow to the flower market.

And well – who needs to explain a Hello Kitty dashboard on the delivery truck…  It was simply the best and immediately made me smile.


  1. We are real involved in ACC and NCAA Basketball and Syracuse Orange is Number 1. I Do believe Hong Kong Orange has brought them Good Luck. Interesting you would write About this. Really enjoying your trip, feel like I am there. You spot the most interesting Objects. Be Safe, enjoy and don’t work too hard!

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