Singapore Slung


It’s just a cool city!  And made even more so by my friend SW and his family.  Through them, I have really come to appreciate the many cultures, sites and experiences to be enjoyed (well, except for the Durian but that is a story for another time).  It was a challenge to squeeze time into an already packed schedule to go to Singapore from Hong Kong (a nearly 5 hour flight)  and it was disappointing to spend only 32 hours there.  We jammed those 32 hours though!CF and I have been fans of Anthony Bourdain since he wrote his first book Kitchen Confidential and became even bigger fans through his television programs.  He is wicked and clever and a foodie – qualities we admire in ourselves and in our friends.  And so, I happened to fall upon a program he did for the Travel Channel named Layover.  Luckier still was the first, and only episode I saw, was on Singapore.

Here is a clip – Singapore Layover.  I highly recommend the entire show if you can spare 45 minutes.  The premise of the program is to feature all one can do in a 24-48 hour layover in a great city.  This first program on Singapore reflected the multicultural nature of the city and the obsession with food.  Frankly, this is something I also love about the city –  and about my friends.  I honestly cannot think of anyone that loves food more than SW.

So, one afternoon, as I am working in Hong Kong,  my personal email pings and it is an email from SW with a proposed schedule of activities in a nod to Anthony Bourdain.
11am – pick up from airport to hotel
12 noon – lunch at Jones @ Dempsey
1pm – shoot in Chinatown
3pm – coffee @ Nassim bistro
4pm – shoot in Little India
6pm – back to hotel to freshen up
7pm – dinner @ White Rabbit followed by ice cream @ Ben & Jerry 🙂
8.30am Breakfast
10am – shoot at Arab Street
12 noon – lunch at PS cafe
2pm – bird park in Jurong
6pm – Steve’s
7pm – pizza at Frankel ave
9pm – short walk in colley quay / and a beer 🙂
I am touched by his Nationalism.  He loves his country and all that it offers.  I LOVE his passion for food (note that nary two hours go by without some sustenance) and I am enthralled by all the Country has to offer, and by the generosity of his family and his two boys – Nattie and Christian – who will sit and share dinner with this American visitor who considers them a part of her extended family.
We had a great time – course we always do!  I had some amazing experiences and caught some great photos.  I hope to go back there again soon and spend a bit more time with my friends and family on the other side of the world. And to bring CF – who has yet to experience the country as I have.  And for my friend SW to share with him his world.


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