Luck, Chinatown Singapore

The cliche goes, “as luck would have it.”  And that is precisely how I felt when the synergy of a trip to Asia, a visit to Singapore, and the timing of the Lunar New Year all came together.  After lunch the first stop was Chinatown or more accurately and locally known as Niu Che Shui.  It is an area of the city that is distinct in its cultural orientation, ethnicity with many heritage sites harkening back to British rule.  We made our way in and out of the markets that lined Pagoda and Temple Streets picking up trinkets that included rooster whistles, chopsticks marked with the last name Wong, and a stuffed wall hanging that solved the mystery of whether  the Lunar calendar of 2015 would be the year of the goat or the year of the sheep (it appears to be the former).  Lucky cats lined each store entryway – nearly without exception.  The sky was filled with life-size floating orange horses (a lucky color AND the Year of the horse), and strings of brilliant orange lucky coins.  As we walked, we were shoulder to shoulder with others preparing for this auspicious holiday that rivals Christmas in the Western world – everyone eager to see the wares and to enjoy the festivities.  School children – hand in hand, made their way along with locals and tourists.

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