Dim Sum at Red Star, Singapore

We drove for a while and then suddenly turned left into a parking lot where we went round and round until we hit the 7th floor. Red Star is a classic yum cha house (as it is called) where waitresses push dim sum carts around the restaurant. I would have been completely lost without SW who deftly ordered dim sum deliciousness for us.
This restaurant was started by four of the top Singapore chefs from the 1970’s with the mission of creating great food for the value. We started with cups of hot chrysanthemum tea with its unique sweetness and soon covered the table with bamboo steamers filled with dumplings and other delicacies. The stacking ability of bamboo steamers is fascinating – especially when you realize the choices on the cart – and that the cart itself is the steamer. I am sure that seems pretty obvious but it was a realization I made during my visit to Red star.

Red Star wasn’t very crowed on this morning – though SW assures me that on a weekend morning each table is occupied. Instead, there were tables filled with what I imagine are regulars, enjoying one another, reading the paper and catching up on the day, just as they did nearly 40 years ago. Our meal ended with a bright yellow egg custard that was as delicious as it was bright and cheery – and is the equivalent of breakfast creme brûlée…. SW’s favorite dessert.

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