It was year’s ago. I had been on the east coast and was flying to NY to meet CF. It was early in our relationship. I was on a small commuter jet flying into LaGuardia that pulled up outside this hangar. As I walked across the tarmac, I saw CF inside the hangar, standing and waiting to meet me and to share a cab into the city. On his arm, a tote bag I would later discover was loaded with two champagne flutes and a bottle of Champagne. These experiences passed with 9.11. Seeing the hangar at the airport made me remember those days and to reflect that even now, the sight of him brings butterflies to my stomach and the anticipation of time in his company one of my greatest pleasures.


  1. This brought tears of happiness to my eyes. You are both so blessed. Love you both.

    XSent from my iPad

  2. Sounds like a Nicholas Sparks novel. I am waiting for you life to be on the big screen!!!

    XSent from my iPad

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