Getting Ready

And then it was time to get ready. The Elton John Foundation raised over $5 million dollars in one evening waging the war against Aids. They have had this event for over 20 years. The greatest disappointment is that EJ doesn’t sing at the event, but he does walk to the tables to personally thank the attendees for their contributions. It is an amazing spectacle to be in the center of the cult of celebrity.

In the spirit of Top 10 lists… My Top 10 surreal experiences….

1. Scrambling after Chase Crawford for a photo for Little a. who is a die-hard fan of Gossip Girl and loves the pretty boys. He was generous, kind, and stood there next to me while AMS shot photo after photo. All I could think of was how much fun it would be to be there with her.
2. Heidi Klum is other worldly. You cannot help but be completely speechless when you first meet her. This was the only time I have ever heard CF say he was jealous.
3. Jane Fonda sat at the table like the party matriarch. Stunningly beautiful and classic but unapproachable in a lonely way.
4. Donatella Versace is Donatella Versace.
5. Lady Gaga’s appearance, while short in time, caused the greatest stir. She enters a room and everyone wants a bit of her. How hard that must be……
6. Eric McCormack made me miss Will and Grace.
7. The Osborne family is very sweet and approachable.
8. Bellamy Young from Scandal sat at our table. She is beautiful – and so lovely. Smart, articulate and generous. I really enjoyed her.

Last two, but not least two….

9. I love me some Simon Sinek. Watch the Ted Talk. If you haven’t read his books – read them. He has such an amazing mission.
10. As does Michael Clark of Strive for College. Spectacular initiative and it was great seeing Michael and Simon together.

I walked away from the experience with a greater appreciation for anonymity and simplicity. That which I enjoyed most was the connection of people and ideas and what might be inspired. Sure, it was fun being a part of the spectacle, but it is in the sharing of ideas for the greater good that the spectacle had the greatest relevance for me.


    • Thanks. It is a pretty big picture frame that is filled with polaroids. They have a few of these in the hotel. Frankly I could stand in front of it for hours just looking at the photos. Kind of a non virtual instagram. I appreciate the support and comments.

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