Sunrise stroll on a moonlit beach

Years back I would run this path about 3 times a week with my friend PD. He would drive in from Mission Viejo (I never really appreciated how far a drive that was) and we would run the 5 mile out and back that would take us from the first parking lot out to the observation point pictured. He always referred to it as ” oh dark thirty” as we arrived super early while the skies were still dark. At the observation point we would rest for a few minutes and marvel at the beauty of the moon dipping below the horizon as the sun peeked over the hillside. It was, and is, a spectacular sight, seeing the moon and sun simultaneously and the glow of the morning as it begins to kick off – one that I miss. The experience of the walk made me nostalgic for those early morning runs – the joy of the camaraderie and the thrill of early mornings by the beach.

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