Huntington Beach Bike Trail


The HB Bike trail is full of memories for me – Saturday mornings we would do our marathon training along the bike trail. It is full of unique characters that made those days running 7.5 miles out and then back interesting and fun. There was a central core that ran each Saturday am starting really early, followed by a stop at Starbucks in Newport for coffee and a few laughs. PD was a regular, as was MC, and occasionally CF – who gained the name “Pre” (short for Prefontaine) after an incident on the return from one of these runs. And the ongoing story of the “French Foreigh Legion” a weekly installment from PD that never failed to get a groan from the tired runners – especially me. MC, would torture us with sprints towards the end with the enticement that we were making “deposits in the bank of fitness”. These memories are as vibrant as if they happened to me yesterday. As we walked along, we laughed and smiled at the memory of it.

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