Pelicans fly?

I still smile at the memory.

It happened in the summer of 2013 during SW’s annual pilgrimage to Dallas, where he stops over in Laguna for a bit of rest and to adjust to the time difference from Singapore to the states – daunting under the best of circumstances. We take advantage of this transition each year to shoot together, catch up, eat great food (remember CF’s ribs), try new things (White Rascal) and have adventures (Huntington Beach Surf Classic).

Early one day, after shooting in Dana Point, we made our way to the cliff walk in Monarch Beach. As we stood there looking out over the sea a formation of Pelicans flew overhead. It is something beautiful to see these large awkward looking creatures sail gracefully by as they look downward for schools of fish on which to gorge themselves. At precisely the moment they passed over us, SW incredulously asked “Pelicans fly?”…. There was such wonder in the way he asked – perfect and sweet and to this day makes me appreciate the things in our life we take for granted. Pelicans are a daily part of our life in California but to him, it was a joy filled moment. It is a great gift to see things through others eyes, and made my appreciation and remembrance of the moment richer.

CF and I made our way this overcast afternoon down the pier in Huntington and happened upon this perched pelican. CF swore it wasn’t real until suddenly it moved its head and looked directly at us. I recounted Pelican story as I pulled my camera to my eye smiling as I thought of SW.

Pelicans do fly.


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