Ruby’s on the Pier


This is a Huntington Beach classic and in all the years I have visited the pier I have only eaten there once – but it was memorable. A wildly popular spot for visitors with consistently good food (there is a Ruby’s in Laguna not too far from our house and one at the Santa Ana airport) and attentive service. My memory of the pier involved a long run, a bet, and watching PD choke down his least favorite food as a result of losing the gamble. I probably shouldn’t say “least favorite food” because the truth of the matter is it isn’t really a “Food” and it strikes terror in him. He has a visceral reaction to just the sight of it – although in later years he handles it a bit better. At the time, just watching him size up the dreaded condiment and then choke it down, made for one of the more satisfying wins in our ongoing competition. CF likes to say that not everything is a competition – but, I disagree. And while I was never the fastest runner, I did possess the most relentless spirit. I cannot see this Ruby’s that I don’t think of that dare and the subsequent giggles between PD, MC and me.


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