Friday night Flowers

It was suddenly Friday night and I was in Dallas and CF in Laguna. What could be a better pick me up then some exquisite flowers? Stopping into Avant Garden at Highland Park village I found peonies – a perennial favorite (a little garden pun). I grew up in a small corner of south eastern Pennsylvania and at the end of our walk was a peony bush. And so I associate peonies with what we lovingly referred to as “the Farm” – an 18th century farmhouse we moved into during the summer of my 13th year. And next to the bin of peonies sat this frail paper looking flower that intrigued me and so I picked up some of them as well. They looked beautiful in with the peonies. I am going to have to go back and find out what they were – but not on this Friday evening when the call of home, the art of a simple and delicious dinner and a glass of wine beckoned.

And so, walking through the back door, I sparked up the grill, poured myself a lovely pinot, and set about arranging my new flowers. A great start to the weekend that would only have been better if my CF were with me.


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