A place to rest a glass and other reflections on Mom…..

If I am the least bit eclectic I owe it to my mother. She has always appreciated all types of design and possesses a talent for making what seems completely dissimilar feel like the perfect accessory. She is an Anglophile at heart and loves all things English – gardens, interiors and customs. I’m certain it is rooted in her ancestry. We have very different perspectives on personal interiors – I prefer modern simplicity rooted in mid century Design. In spite of that, walking into her home I feel completely at ease. I marvel at how she puts things together and laugh at her expense when all of us tease her about her stuff. Before dinner, as drinks were poured, we had a tour of natural spots for resting your glass. Funny that she would think of that!

She loves her home. Twice a year she changes out chairs – pulls out slipcovers and creates new seasonal themes. This trip JP2, CF and myself switched out green armchairs for pale blue pinstriped slipper chairs in a seasonal nod to the great outdoors. No more curling up in front of the fireplace for a winter’s nap. Comfort makes way for efficiency as the world chooses to spend more time out-of-doors reflected in my Mom’s furnishings. Fresh flowers dot the room landscape, whether potted orchid or loosely gathered cut stock. Each nook inspires – a book title here, a collection of Battersea boxes there, or a selection of family photos. It is in this place that I think of important milestones – the first time I brought CF home, of luminaries and Christmases, long catch ups by candlelight at her table and no matter my personal preferences, it instills in me a sense of well-being and home.

What better thing to give a child then a lifetime of well-being and the confidence to make her own choices? Happy Mother’s Day Mom.


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