Working companion

zellie on the counter

I know I have said this before, but shooting her is like trying to hold mercury. Zellie is in constant motion – a twitch here, a flicker there, and the contrast of her biscuit body against her chocolate face makes finding the right exposure and light hard. In her company, one quickly understands why “finicky” is a word associated with cats. She does not like having her photo taken. With her, quirky is another good word. She is by far the quirkiest cat I have ever met. Obsessive and compulsive. CF knows her every noise and every move – and was the first to make me aware that she has to round the couch 3 times before she will come sit with us. Or that she always approaches from the left and that she will not walk on the shag rug. The list goes on and on. But we love her for all her quirks and are equal parts fascinated and entertained by her movements through the house and through our lives. One of her quirks is to sit with us when we are on our computers and rub her nose against the soft rounded corner of our MacBooks. It is a bit aggravation and a bit fascination and on this evening, camera nearby, I shot what we are referring to as the “Best Zellie Photo” ever. No. She did not stop moving. I just kept shooting. This photo shows her beautiful blue eyes, sparkling and rarely seen since one of her many quirks is to close them just as the shutter opens. I love this shot.


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