Not so simple Fun

Bounce House

While out in the front yard not so simple fun ensued. It was innocent enough and came on the heels of a fun outing we had at work. During the planning, the surprise of it seemed like such a Turpin idea.

Let me explain. I love this woman with all my heart. She grabs at life with gusto and while raising her two kids made every day an adventure.  For holidays it was an expedition that included family and friends.   Fourth of July was ALWAYS in Tahoe and ALWAYS involved a scavenger hunt. Easter ALWAYS had huge baskets filled with goodies she had chosen over the course of the year. Her Christmas tree was 20 feet high and her dinner parties are legendary. The Birthday party she threw for her husband put me off tequila forever (well, almost).  She surrounded herself with people who loved her family as much as their own and to this day if her either of her kids called me for ANYTHING, I would drop EVERYTHING.  It’s a small list of people who have that profound an impact but she does.

My relationship with Ellie and Colbie is both an honor and a responsibility.  CNT is the standard against which I measure myself and it certainly influences the kind of Tia I am.

And so, at 9:30 my surprise arrived at our house and the best of plans went awry as the size of the castle exceeded my wildest dreams.  The good news was that it accommodated an adult of 6’3 and a toddler of 3″6″ with equal fun, giggles and smiles, and in the end, I think, created an adventure and, I hope, a lasting memory.

Happy Memorial Day.




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