Friday night with Suki

Crossing the threshold on a Friday night is one of the best feelings in the world. The weekly grind behind you and the luster of the weekend and all its pleasures yet to be realized. Even more so when the weekend can start early with a lovely night ripe for sitting outside and enjoying neighbors like Suki. He is the master of our cul-de-sac sitting regally in the yard watching and listening. With CF and Zellie in California, I was mentally prepared for a lonelier Friday night than usual and as I stumbled into the kitchen laden with groceries, I spotted him sitting in the yard. Quickly I mixed a drink, grabbed some cat treats and my camera and headed to the front stoop where Suki and I usually catch up. A few rubs, a nice bit of cooing, a long draw on my cocktail and the week washed away like sand at the beach. He is good company on these lonely nights and a welcome surprise when I see him.

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