Taking Risks

I’ve been giving thought to discomfort. The idea that how one  continues to challenge and grow as  an individual  while realities shift around them is part of any good life transition.  The notion that boldly trying things that scare you makes you feel more alive.

Through CF I have become a fan of Mark Sisson and read his blog the Daily Apple. He writes:

…modern society has done away with the ceremonial observance and particularly with the community guidance/support that used to accompany peoples’ life transitions. We’re more confused and drifting for it – as individuals  and communities, they suggest. Life transitions, formally seen as socially significant and beneficial to the community, are now experienced as individually focused, even emotionally isolating events. (read the whole article here)

Perhaps I am more attuned to it as I watch those I love transitioning in one way or another.  This year I have become acutely aware of transitions whether from junior high to high school, or from healthy to not, from dependent to independent  – the list goes on.

I love the words recalibrate, triangulate and navigate. These are words that, up until a few years ago, were not a part of my vernacular. But today, I use them all the time. They have become a part of my evolution and transition in nearly all aspects of my life.

Photography has been instrumental in navigating change. It is one of my greatest passions. I even love the words associated with it – Raw, Perspective, exposure, gray-scale, stop, contrast  – for through them I have found metaphors for challenges greater than taking a beautiful photo. The practice and experience of the art and science of photography, have helped me see things differently. As important, it has given me community, centered me and helped me avoid some of the emotional isolation of which Mark Sisson speaks.

I have studied for 3 years and realize now is the time to stress myself again and to stretch in new ways. The outcome of my journey is a confidence to be bolder and to push boundaries and embrace discomfort. I submitted the above three photos to a juried show – my first ever. In doing so I am risking something very personal with the goal of enlarging my community and experiences.

In the end, as I was chatting with my friend MVA, it is how we open ourselves up to the universe and get the most of the chances we are given in the time we are allowed.

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