Trinity Levee


It was unexpected. It could have rained. Or been sunny. The weather couldn’t make up its mind. And neither could we. I texted “let’s walk”. PD texted “ok”. I then texted “nah”. PD texted “I’m here” and so I jumped in the car and headed over to the junction of Singleton and Bexley to investigate the Trinity River Project. As we were cresting the hill, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds as if to tease us making the ascent noteworthy for the spectrum of blues and greens. My friend PD has infinite patience and was of generous spirit and limited time. Stopping to take photos here and there made the walk questionable exercise, but it was a lovely morning with some discoveries, a few giggles and guffaws (no one uses this word anymore – I may have to resurrect it), and some photo opps.

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