Loving Peonies

peony 1

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. They start out – just like people – all knotted and closed, only to, quickly, metamorphose into something staggeringly beautiful. The downy flower emerges almost before one even notices.

Flowers for me are companions. Orchids live with me. They are in the house, stationed so that I can see them from every point in my daily circle. Other flowers come and visit for a time as they are passing through from season to season. Hydrangeas, tulips, roses and of course Peonies. I have written of them in earlier posts. There is a nostalgia to them – making me think back to my childhood home. They conjure all kinds of memories. I think to myself how hard they must work to burst open like that. It reminds me that anything worth having is worth working for – especially if in the end you get something as lovely and beautiful as a peony.

Someone dear to me is working hard now and could use a bit of cheer. So I am sending virtual flowers and loads of love. These are in my kitchen where I look at them each morning and evening. They make me happy and make me smile. All things I wish for you LT.

And now, each time I look at them I will think of you getting better so I can send you a big bunch of peonies.


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