Trinity River Project

building the park

During my tenure in Dallas, I have seen the “Great Trinity River” (as I lovingly refer to it) reach from levee to levee twice. I have never seen the Mississippi and can only imagine the majesty of it – and the force as water pushes beyond it’s banks. The idea of the project is to create Urban spaces. I think Dallas has done a really good job of integrating green spaces into the city landscape. Klyde Warren Park is a great example of outdoor spaces building community and recreation. So, as you can imagine, as this nears completion (I have it from a reliable source that it is a mere month away), I wanted to cross the barriers and see if for myself. Also, in true fashion, bring along my muscle (PD?) to help should we meet any obstacles. In the end, we had one brush that ended in conversation and a better understanding of the scope of the project. That, and a few great shots including this one that juxtaposes the old and new. A storm drain, some Texas Wildflowers, a steamroller (later to be used as a prop in a ridiculous photo I am too embarrassed to post!) and the vastness of the Texas sky.

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