I love it when something just reaches up and surprises you. I mean really surprises you in the way that tickles you to your toes. Such was the case on one of my morning walks when I happened upon the tiniest of red doors tucked in the base of a tree with a small sign that read “do not disturb”. It was enchanting. I have no idea how long it has been there despite walking this path daily for months. Suddenly as if out of nowhere it appeared. And now, each time I pass it I smile. I imagine what might be behind that wee red door that doesn’t want to be disturbed. I don’t believe it to be the mundane squirrel. Perhaps a hobbit? A leprechaun? Or maybe even a fairy.

My Grammy had a favorite poem she would recite to us when we were little and I have always loved it.

I would be a fairy if I could
Dressed in green and living in the wood.
Fairies have a pair of magic wings
Wings are very useful things.
Playing in a game of hide and seek
you would never find me in a week.
But if you made a wish
I’d make it true.
All things good are what fairies do.

It’s nice to think they are there behind the red door.


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