Sunday Brunch


It was a simple smile and acknowledgement of the craziness of the morning rush that landed us the premier 4 top in the restaurant and became cause for celebration. And what better way then with the widow in rosé. It immediately sends the message that we are there to tuck in and visit for a while and this morning’s brunch did not disappoint. We chatted about the serious and the frivolous in equal measure and I came away from the brunch feeling more light-hearted and relaxed then I can remember in some time. He has that effect on me – always has. Once, long ago he simply held my hand and the stress of the day vanished noticeably and I have counted on him doing so ever since. The food was good, the company even better as we plotted and schemed and enjoyed one another. It is worth the investment in finding the one that will travel your life with you and witness all that you are and become.

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