Small Gardens

For starters, I love the idea of small gardens. I consider the victory garden of yesteryear – gardens rooted in utility. A small garden means so much. For starters, it means investing in pure things. Manageable spaces for enjoying simple pleasures such as placing your hands in the earth. I have written of the long tale of tomato farming that runs through my family. It has been years since I partook, but I still recall the self-satisfaction I felt standing back from the day’s toils. The accomplishment of setting out and seeing a project through to completion in one afternoon. A sense I find too rare in today’s world of manufactured nothingness such as Kardashian celebrity.

While walking one morning, I couldn’t resist the proportion and angles fitting so beautifully together of this office near our home. I marveled at the way the garden reinforced the lines of the building and the serenity it brought me.

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