Fourth of July

Thinking about today’s post made me realize how much I treasure the fourth of July. It started long ago with a story about my brother. My mother teasingly asked him what day May 23 was – fully expecting him to answer with “my birthday”. Instead, my genius brother answered with “fourth of July”. As a result, every fourth we wish my brother Happy Birthday and every May 23rd we celebrate the fourth of July.

Before there was a Little a. and J. there was an annual pilgrimage to Lake Tahoe (or in the words of CNT – Ta ho ho ho) for fun and games. In the beginning there were bike rides and scavenger hunts, horseshoes and dancing – and piling into the “Tahoe” for the ride down to the lake to watch the fireworks.

In later years, there were the trips to the shore… to my brother’s home on Long Beach Island New Jersey. There we would spend days playing on the beach, burying J. in the sand, going to Uncle Will’s for big pancake breakfasts, playing goofy golf, eating clams by the bushel and going to Fantasy Island Amusement park.

There was the year that CF and I climbed the hill outside our home in Laguna to the very top of the range that separates Laguna from the rest of Orange county, to watch the fireworks as they went off all around us. We saw Laguna’s as well as all those of the central coast.

Last year I celebrated the fourth of July with my Dad as we boarded the ship to sail the inner passage to Vancouver. I will never forget this (and I am pretty sure KC won’t either).

Fourth’s have come to mean the best of times with friends and family in celebrating the American spirit. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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