le labo-2

Inspired, I made my way from the Metropolitan and the beauty of the Charles James show towards Barney’s. After all – I have been inspired by Barney’s for years and so it seemed a fitting activity to follow the genius of Charles James. I wandered the floors of the store thinking of how much it has changed since the provocation of Simon Doonan in the late 80’s became the democratic and de rigueur outlandishness of today. It wasn’t until I hit the Le Labo counter that I perked up. I love their scents and the whole process of picking a fragrance, watching them make it and then walking away with a beautiful package and memory. I knew I wouldn’t have time to get downtown to the store on Elizabeth street, and my experience at Barney’s didn’t disappoint. I walked away with an enchanting memory and a new summer fragrance with which I will associate my “artist’s day” and trip to Charles James. The label on my bottle in fact says “Inspired by Charles James“.

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