Steps to the Trail


There is a fire road that runs from our home in South Laguna to North Laguna – an area known as Top of the World. It is one of my favorite walks that outbound has the beautiful blue pacific to my left and the deep scrub of the California Wilderness stretching out towards Costa Mesa with views of Big Bear on a clear day. This part of my walk carries special memories, of Little a. tumbling down as she improved her confidence in walking not, I might add, dissimilarly to me at a time in my life. Of watching J. play basketball. Of standing next to CF as we watched the first fireworks of the night and then marveled as we moved to the other ridge to watch town after town as they celebrated. I first saw the Laguna Goats on this trail. I have met neighbors with their dogs, seen a man on a unicycle and had a memorable if not entirely too long Thanksgiving Day walk. At the end of the trail begins a smaller path that takes you beyond the gated community with rope banisters and loamy soil that leaves dust on your legs as you walk. It is a steep trek down and an even steeper trek up until you return and realize it is equally bad coming and going. I walk with my favorite music and on this day I walked with an old playlist – one from my running days – and about a third of the way CF’s voice broke in the mix to encourage me with the sentiment “that you don’t run with your legs, you run with your heart”. I remembered what a surprise it had been during my first half marathon to hear him. My heart beat a bit faster as much for the hill I was attacking as the memory of that race and the surprise of his words and the image of him waving to me out the car window as he drove by.

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