Of Course I do….


Pools make me feel nostalgic. I have a box of photos from my mother and in it is a photo of me standing in my wading pool dressed in a little plaid one piece with a frilly skirt. It seems I couldn’t even decide then whether I wanted to be a tomboy or a girlie girl. Later I remember summer days where the shade of the pine trees cast across the water at the Country Club pool as I played Marco Polo in an endless splashfest and ate popsicles until my tongue was unnaturally orange. Later, I lifeguarded at a community pool with my brother. Each season would start with an inconsistent application of sun screen that made him look like a candy cane. It provided hours of giggles and to this day still does. And then there was that first hot summer in Columbus Ohio that followed a year in New York City. Landlocked for the first time we looked for places to sit and cool to familiar sounds of summer. Finally we found it. A small community pool where there was a grassy knoll to stretch out and enjoy the languorous afternoons. We would walk through the gates with our bag full of goodies and our webbed lawn chairs under our arm early enough to grab our spot before the late afternoon crowds. There we would sit, reading and laughing and watching. One afternoon in the waning sunlight he grabbed my hand and said, “Marry me”. It wasn’t a question — it was more of a statement with confidence, pluck and in a knowing way that made me feel like life would be an adventure. Today, as we walked in the hot summer sun, I asked if you remembered. And you responded with … “of course I do.”


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