Look at me…..


I took this photo in January 2012. I was about a year into my photographic journey and had yet to buy any of my heavyweights. I implored him to sit for me and let me practice. Over the years he has been a game and willing partner for all sorts of tomfoolery and can be easily “implored” into pretty much anything – the perfect Best Friend.  On this evening, I captured his hands and to this day it is still one of my favorite photographs – as much for composition as for those hands. Let me elaborate. Those hands have typed me ridiculous stories and silly texts that left me laughing out loud. Those hands have held a tennis racket and hit balls for hours resulting in fits of giggles. Those hands have juggled balls, projects and magnets that have left me with endless opportunities to tease and prank. Those hands have mixed me cocktails and poured endless glasses of wine over long talks about the meaning of things. Those hands have scratched my back, held my hand, and gently righted me as I began to topple over. Those hands bring me a piece of dark chocolate every afternoon. Those hands have outstretched in a ridiculous wingspan framing the absurdity of it all. Those hands have been my best friend’s hands forever – in my life for nearly 20 years. Today they cross a milestone. Happy Birthday PD.

You are a handful but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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