Park Bench

park bench

This bench just looked so inviting I had to snap a photo.

Which got me to thinking about living our lives on the weekend at full throttle? The last few weekends have been jam-packed and it looks like they will be until the end of the month. That is part of what makes this photo so inviting. The idea of idle time just spent sitting, enjoying the outdoors and watching the world as it does the same. This got me thinking about August and how one crams every minute of the last days of summer. I found myself remembering my school days and how each September marked the end of those precious summer days. For most of my adult life I have taken holidays in September as though thumbing my nose at the system and choosing instead to extend that carefree summer feeling. This weekend Little a. received her schedule for school and which classes in which semester and with which friends. It was fascinating to watch as she and GB connected socially with all their chums for where their schedules intersected. I felt a bit like an anthropologist reflecting back to the big surprise of my first morning in Homeroom realizing with whom I would be making that year’s journey. In the years since, I still cram every minute of August with friends and the beach knowing that in September everyone is back at work and we are full throttle again, as we make our way to the end of the year.

So, there will be no sitting on park benches for me anytime soon and I am the better for it!

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