Years ago for Christmas my mother gave me a book titled “Wisdom”. It inspires me not only for the message but for the beautiful portraits – tight and cropped – where you can see the experience of a face. It sits in my favorite room on a cocktail table. Often in my photographic journey I have thought it would be fun to be able to do that. And so I set about learning. And, if you are going to do portraits, what better way than call upon those that have been willing guinea pigs throughout the process – TG, PD, PC and the incomparable Ellie – who, on this day, was in rare form due to the end of camp and a monstrously large cupcake. Three hours, 388 photos later, some laughs, and an even greater respect for Peter Poulides of the Spot Studio, I had completed my first attempts. I love the photos I now have and it is hard for me to pick one. Over the coming weeks, I will work with them, and tinker but here is a first glimpse.


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