For as long as I can remember PD and I have shared a birthday dinner. Early in our relationship they were raucous good times where we stayed out late and toasted another year with a bottle of bubbly followed by bottles of wine. This year was a difficult one to schedule. He was celebrating a milestone (see my post of 8.4) and our schedules happened to have us in different places until mid September. Quite unexpectedly the stars aligned and on Friday night two tired and slightly less raucous celebrants headed off to one of my favorite dining establishments in Dallas – FT33. To me the bar seems the stuff of legend. Old Skool mixology using new ingredients (anyone ever had a gin old fashioned or the $20 milkshake?) and bar keeps with personality and panache.
Dinner is an adventure with unique flavor combinations artistically presented. We had a few cocktails, a lovely dinner and sadly made our way to our respective homes well before the bewitching hour of…. 9 pm. Ahhhh…. such are the vagaries of the years but the dinner couldn’t have been lovelier. For years, my Dad has sworn that it is “never too early to go to bed” and on this Friday night I had to agree.

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