The First Cake

first taste of cake

Do you remember the first time you had cake? I can’t. But I would bet it was for my first birthday. Birthday cakes were always a big deal. My Mom made the best chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing. Each birthday she would make it and we would have candles and sing. My brother and I could pick our favorite meals – mine was a crab dish that made me feel grown up and special. It was served on shells and was like going to a fancy restaurant. There would be presents and she would ask us whose special day it was. The photo is of Charlie as she experienced her first birthday cake. It was as much fun to watch her as to watch her parents with her.   So, today is my mother’s birthday.   There have been more years of cake and candles than either of us would want to acknowledge.  I wish I was there to make her a cake and to sing Happy Birthday and make her feel as special as she made me feel all those years ago.

Happy Birthday Mom.


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