Choosing what to wear has been a lifelong fascination. My mother regales me with stories of my girlhood where picking out the days outfit involved much drama. I still remember a certain corduroy skirt that at the ripe age of about 10 gave me fits of despair I was so enamored of it. My Mom was an amazing seamstress and we would concoct these fantastical numbers that she would whip up. I distinctly remember my college senior dinner dance and a kelly green slip dress that reversed to a bright pink. Or that amazing eggplant lurex dress that I wore to Fancy Dress at W&L. I loved sewing too but never had Mom’s knack. About two years ago at a charity auction in Dallas I bid on and won a sewing machine which in a dramatic turn of events ended up leaving with someone else. All in good fun – but I am still a bit bitter that i didn’t get the promised handicraft from the recipient. No matter. I love watching Project Runway for just those reasons – except frankly I think the judges can be a bit mean. Not one to shy away from constructive criticism myself, I have come to appreciate that delivery is everything. A story for another time. Now, at an age where style suits more than fashion, I cannot deny myself a beautiful pair of shoes or a stunning handbag. Thus I found myself in the salon, looking at masterworks of shoe design and trying to choose that which would be equally stylish AND comfortable – the latter increasing in importance as the years progress. I am covetous of those shoes sexy in their pitch, color and embellishment, but much too wise to even attempt to wear them. The acknowledgement of that is bittersweet for its wisdom. Choose fashion for as long as you can for its frivolity and individuality are such great fun.

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