California One

Big Sur-2
I have had the great fortune in my life to see astounding things and I am a constant adventurer – looking and wanting to experience everything and to capture it to share. I am still breathless driving up California 1. Once you leave Cambria, the road unfolds along untouched beaches and through twisted switchbacks climbing higher and higher. With each turn I gasp and realize the beauty of our planet and our corner of it. I marvel at the ever-changing landscape as the rhythm of the waves crash against the rocks. I watch as the hawks fly above, the pelicans skim the planes of the sea and the seagulls scavenge. I think to myself how fortunate I am to be beside my love and how blessed we are. I love our conversation and our wonderment as the world unfolds in the confines of our little bubble on the road. If you have never driven the Coast highway you have missed the eighth wonder of the planet.


  1. It is really quite beautiful. We have a dear friend who urges us to visit Esalen. We have always loved Post Ranch so usually get here and don’t leave. We hike and visit and it is heaven.

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