Whale watching

It made me laugh. I traveled to Alaska with my Dad two years ago hoping to see a whale and on the very last evening at dinner a whale teased me by just raising the tip of its tail. It was a moment and one that I could have just as easily conjured in my imagination.

So we are driving along and suddenly I see a spout of water in the distance (and I mean in the distance) which inspires me to ask CF if this would be a time for whale migration north? In Laguna (where I have yet to see a whale) it is widely acknowledged as October and March. Just as the question left my lips, I see a black hump emerge from the blue water and another spout. My pulse quickened and without any provocation CF turns the car around and before you know it we are standing roadside watching a pod of Whales, flocks of gulls and pelicans, eating what could only be described as a seafood buffet. I, of course, lacked the right lens for the occasion but decided to shoot anyway just relishing the thrill of it and wanting to remember. It was spectacular.

The fact that I even saw it as we were cruising along at a nice clip is also spectacular but in a different way.

This is one of the reasons I love a good road trip. If you plan it well, and make the time to take the time, you will spot the unexpected. On this day, whales, deer, elk and, absurdly, a herd of Zebra tucked in the California hillside. I loved it.


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