Spirit Nest

Spirit Nest 3

One of the advantages of being without a car is exploring the grounds. I appreciate the lack of some modern accoutrements from time to time. There are moments when no cell service (like our home in Laguna) is welcome. We found that was the case on this morning as we traversed the grounds happening upon this Spirit Nest. Two deer within 20 feet grazed as if we were a part of the natural order of things. They merely looked up, nodded and then went about their business. The Spirit Nest is the creative child of Jayson Fann of the Big Sur Spirit Garden. Coming across the hill from the pond and seeing it on the hillside is exhilarating. Large and sculptural yet organic to its surroundings – it is a place to nap, daydream,and connect with the natural beauty surrounding you which, on this day, included two grazing deer.


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