When you look for your dreams in real life, where do you go?

joy-3This may seem like an odd photo choice for such a profound question. And yet the answer is so simple. I go to places of joy. I go to things that make me happy. I go to simple accomplishments that build to greater achievements.

In this particular example I was introduced to SC and the adorable Charley by my adorable CF. And as our relationship progressed and we all gained a greater confidence in our friendship I was honored with the question of shooting the memorable occasion of her first birthday. It was joyous. She is such a good baby – Charming Charley and I am just happy to be around her and the folks that made her. And on this day, my simple accomplishment was to document her big day. This photo is one of the outcomes and without fail every time I look at it I smile. Beam actually. There is joy in the photo, there was joy in the moment and the pride I had in catching that brief air time was a simple accomplishment. The greater achievement – having made the journey to be prepared to take the shot.

Usually after I snap a photo I rush home to review. CF likens it to watching a child open Christmas presents. I can’t wait. Initially I don’t spend much time with any one photo. But there are ones I go back to time and again because they bring me joy. This will be one of those.

I like the simple things. Coming home tonight I thought of all the chores I had lined up for the weekend. And I know, by the time Monday gets here I will feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from knocking things off the list. And while that will feel good, it is the moments of joy and laughter that will resonate the most.

There have been times in my life when happiness was not so easy to find. Getting back in touch with joy made everything else fall into place. Now, I measure my weeks and commitments to provide myself space to find joy, to laugh, and to inspire dreaming. It’s then that my dreams feel almost as though I can touch them – convert them to a reality.

I love Charley’s fearlessness. Her trust that those hands will catch her just as easily as they tossed her in the air. When is it that we, as adults, lose that? I love her lack of pretension and awareness. When is it that we, as adults, became more concerned with how we are perceived than how we actually feel?

I see all of this in this photo and I aspire for her attributes. A fresh approach. A new way of thinking. A willingness. A fearlessness. Endless possibilities.

I see all of that in this photo.

But mostly, it just brings me joy.

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