Morning Walk

early morning I love the moment when the sun tips over the hills and begins to waken the sleeping beach. The shadows are longer and the light indirect with a warming hue. The hour is inevitably early. Few people are out and if they are, they are walking the beach just to bask in that light. I, too, am out looking for that light, the one that glows and colors the world in a shade and softness that makes anything possible. The air is crisper and the world seems unfettered, uncluttered and rested. The noise of the day hasn’t yet begun. Rarely you come upon someone who has interests equal to yours and without speaking you nod and share a knowing glance that this is the best time of the day. Alone with your thoughts and the light reflecting on what has come before and what will and the rhythmic lapping of the waves. This is why I love the beach.

On this morning the sun crested behind the clouds and I headed out for a walk leaving CF behind in a deep sleep. I was in search of great coffee with other like-minded folks, the kind of coffee you can linger over – nowhere to be and nothing to do. And then I stopped to honor my predecessor as he went walking ahead in the sand.


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