A change is in the air…

Saturday was the first cool weather and with the wind came a feeling of Fall. There is something visceral about a temperature drop that immediately sets you about behaving differently. A dear friend pulled out his recipes and began thinking of stews and roasts and Friday night dinners in front of the fire. Mind you, it was not THAT cool, but it is the idea of shelter and seeking comfort. That night I slept with the windows open and a light cashmere throw. I love the feeling of being nestled under covers – especially when you don’t have to get up at, as my friend PD would say, “oh dark early.” As I have written before, September for me has always signaled new beginnings. When the fall runways begin in Spring, I start thinking about Fall and by the time the editorials start to flow in August and September I have already chosen the few key pieces that will make their way into my wardrobe. Someone I know who has been behind the curtain so to speak, would comment – given the chance – at the amount of clothes and accessories that line my walls. As my mother would say, consider the source. For most of my adult life I have been basically the same size and when I really splurge, I buy items that will stand the test of time. That said, each seasonal change requires I go to the closet to do a bit of cleaning. My friend above (the one reading cook books) has a strict one in, one out policy which essentially keeps his closets in good order. Me – not so much. Each season I merchandise my closet. The clothes and accessories that stay do so because they play nicely with the new additions. The clothes and accessories that leave are given a fond send off for having served so well through the seasons. I actually both love and hate the task. In the end, the real measure is the simplicity with which I can get ready for the day and what I think is the best version of me…. the one that looks as good on the outside as it feels on the inside.

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