The morning after

the morning after

There is a classic photo of Faye Dunaway by Terry O’Neill. It’s from March 1977 and is at the Beverly Hills Hotel by the pool. He said, “She isn’t sure quite who she is any more. I waited for her to look away from the camera, and I got the shot. I look at this picture often, and I’m still so proud of it. It’s still the best Oscar picture ever taken. And modern photographers should take that as a challenge.”


My photo is at the Chateau Marmont on the first morning after our first night there. It is all about reading and drinking coffee and enjoying the morning light. I love it for its clarity and normalcy and yet there wasn’t anything at all predictable about that morning. I guess by association and legacy I felt a bit the movie star in that revered place. Looking at the shot, the ottoman, you cannot help but feel you are locked in some vintage apartment and yet just outside the window is the bustle of the sunset strip of today.

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