California Perfection


Usually my first night in Laguna results in an early morning. I fly in from some other part of the world and wake up on that time zone. It’s one of my favorite routines of being in Laguna. CF is usually asleep or reading. If early enough I can be out on the beach before the sun rises catching first light. I love Main Beach. No matter the early hour, there are people on the shore looking out to sea enraptured by its calming rhythms. This beach holds special memories for me and is a touchstone for overcoming any obstacle. The iconic lifeguard stand and volleyball net against the blue pacific, the blue sky touched with pink and those few stragglers seems an amalgamation of all the good things that I associate with California living. I rarely shoot a straight up sunset. It seems too cliché. Rather the sand and the feet that sink in it every day are what moves me. When here, I try to go to the beach at least once a day – if only to take a deep breath and marvel at the wonder of it all and to feel the sand between my toes.


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